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“A HR solution that rides on technology and knowledge to provide POWER to Management to EMPOWER their employees!”

Employees are the most valuable assets. But not if you have hired a wrong one. We are here to save you from that predicament. Our specially designed recruitment process lets you find the most befitting professionals. We are constantly striving towards making employees an asset to the firm, and not a liability.

Starting its operations in May 2018, Red Hibiscus Info Solutions has built a valuable database of experienced and new candidates. The combined industry-experience of our team has helped in accelerating things. We have established Red Hibiscus Info Solutions with an aim of providing skilled and reliable manpower to various sectors such as IT, BPO, FMCG, Retail, Banking, Chemical, Automobile, and Healthcare. Simultaneously, opening an opportunity for candidates looking to start their career or those looking for a switch.


We, at Red Hibiscus Info Solutions, are working towards matching best talent with the best opportunities.

Social Responsibility

We not only concentrate on core HR services, but also nurture a holistic vision that drives our organisation. We aim to cohabit our business model with targeting of various underlying economic issues, such as unemployment, underemployment etc.

Hire our services and save your recruitment costs.

How does it work?

Employment has two sides – employer thinks there is no right person out there for the job and jobseeker keep looking for an opportunity where he can shape his career well. We just try to build a bridge to connect both the sides. Let’s see how it works.

  • We do market research to find out what the organisations are looking for.
  • Simultaneously, we build a database of aspirants and professionals from different industries.
  • Next, we analyze the organisations’ requirements and job seekers’ aspirations.
  • We categorize the ones which make the best match.
  • Finally, we show the bridge to both the sides i.e. we inform them about the right person/right opportunity waiting for them.

We are commited to provide highest Consultancy Approach.

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